Wendougee – Steam BOT


Key Features

  • Up to 6 programmable jug settings
  • Manual purge & steam override
  • Jug sensor
  • Preheating option available
  • Variable language options available
  • Automatically raises and lowers the nozzle to adjust for the milk level
  • Adjustable nozzle speed
  • Adjustable milk temperature between 0 – 100°C
  • Use your favourite jug – no special jug required!
  • Can connect to existing espresso machine or independent steam boiler – optional
  • Labour saving, reliable and easy to use

The Foam Master Pro has been engineered to the highest standards, to provide the perfect, barista quality steamed milk. The Foam Master Pro has an automatic temperature and jug presence sensor to ensure perfectly textured milk, each and every time.

Voltage 220-230V/50Hz WATT 150W Input Steam Pressure 1~1.5Bar Frothing Program 6 Maximum Service 100 cups/hour

Read more information: Download PDF

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