Velvet Coffee Capsules


Key Features

  • 10x aluminium coffee capsules
  • Arabica + Brazil origins
  • Delivers notes of dark chocolate + spicy berry
  • Moderate-high intensity
  • Nespresso compatible
  • Curated + packed in Australia

Consider yourself more of a coffee connoisseur in your own home? The Pelican Rouge Velvet Coffee Capsules are a complex blend of four signature beans for those who take coffee seriously. Endued with rich dark chocolate flavours from ethically sourced cacao dust, the hidden spicy berry undertones offer a truly distinct flavour specifically curated for the adventurous soul.

Rainforest Alliance supports postive social, enironmental, and economic impact of agriculture, while offering farmers an enhanced framework to improve their livelihoods and work in cohesion with the environment.
Our coffee is Australian Certified Organic, sourced from certified farms, with blends produced to the local organic standard.


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