Punt Lane

From $12.50

Key Features

  • Origins of Brasil, Honduras, Uganda and Vietnam
  • Delivers notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate, and black pepper
  • Bold Intensity best suited for milk-based beverages
  • Curated + packed in Melbourne

This bold, full-bodied coffee features dark chocolate notes, hazelnut undertones and a hint of black pepper. Roasted medium-dark with a development time designed to bring out the bold, intense flavour.

This coffee produces and lively, creamy coffee with an intense aroma and is best suited to milk-based beverages.

Rainforest Alliance supports postive social, enironmental, and economic impact of agriculture, while offering farmers an enhanced framework to improve their livelihoods and work in cohesion with the environment. Our coffee is Australian Certified Organic, sourced from certified farms, with blends produced to the local organic standard.