Ginger Lemongrass Specialty Tea – Pyramid Bags

From $14.00

Key Features

  • Ingredients – Lemongrass, Ginger 20 pyramid pouches
  • Embodying sweet and fresh undertones Ethically sourced Sri Lanka origin
  • Curated + packed in Australia

Get a spring in your step!

Nothing says invigorating like a zesty burst of ginger and lemongrass herbal tea. This delightful kaleidoscope of refreshing ginger and sweet lashes of lemongrass seeks to soothe unsettled digestion and help cleanse the body. This blend’s sweet and delightfully fresh undertones are a welcome treat, any time of the day or night. Known for its digestive support and the ultimate tummy settling herbal mix that has been passed down through the ages, you can enjoy the natural benefits of this powerful, flavoursome blend.

Rainforest Alliance supports postive social, enironmental, and economic impact of agriculture, while offering farmers an enhanced framework to improve their livelihoods and work in cohesion with the environment.

Our coffee is Australian Certified Organic, sourced from certified farms, with blends produced to the local organic standard.


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