Fiorenzato F64 EVO


Key Features

  • Coffee Grinder Machine
  • 500gm Bean Hopper Size
  • Blade Size Of 64mm
  • 350-Watt Power
  • Display Screen
  • Coffee Grinding Adjustment Disc
  • Automatic Cooling Fan
With 64-mm flat burrs and an automatic cooling fan, the F64 EVO is precise, easy to use, and designed to go the distance in commercial spaces and other high coffee consumption businesses.

The F64 EVO has been fitted with an electronically-activated cooling fan, and 64mm flat blades, ensuring precision and comfort.

A premium coffee grinding machine designed to simplify and reduce labour for baristas, the F64 EVO ensures a perfect result, every time.

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Blade/Burr Size: 64mm Blade Type: Flat Blade RPM: 1350–1550 Motor Size: 350 Watts Bean Hopper Size: 1.5kg Weight: 13 kg Dimensions: 23 x 61.5 x 27 cm

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