Chamomile Specialty Tea – Pyramid Bags


Key Features

Ingredients – Natural Chamomile. Embodying warm and nutty chamomile. Ethically sourced Sri Lanka origin Curated + packed in Australia

Sweet, soothing, and oh-so calming, let our natural chamomile blend gently rock you into a state of bliss.
Derived from an ancient Egyptian blend of natural chamomile flowers and sourced from Sri Lanka, this fragrant and restorative herbal infusion helps to reduce inflammation, promotes relaxation, and insists you leave your woes at the door

Rainforest Alliance supports postive social, enironmental, and economic impact of agriculture, while offering farmers an enhanced framework to improve their livelihoods and work in cohesion with the environment.

Our coffee is Australian Certified Organic, sourced from certified farms, with blends produced to the local organic standard.