Chai Specialty Tea – Pyramid Bags

From $14.00

Key Features

  • Ingredients – Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Cloves, Cinnamon, Pepper, Cardamom and Ginger.
  • Embodying warming citrus and sweet undertones
  • Ethically sourced Sri Lanka origin
  • Curated + packed in Australia
Every cup is a symphony of fresh Orange Pekoe leaves and sweet chai with natural Ceylon. Relish in the peppery cinnamon after-tones and rich earthy flavours, and enjoy clove, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, and ginger as an undercurrent.
Whether it’s with a splash of honey and milk or on its own, the Pelican Rouge Chai tea is the embodiment of a vibrant and invigorating blend.

Rainforest Alliance supports postive social, enironmental, and economic impact of agriculture, while offering farmers an enhanced framework to improve their livelihoods and work in cohesion with the environment.

Our coffee is Australian Certified Organic, sourced from certified farms, with blends produced to the local organic standard.