Office Coffee Machine Rental

Our office coffee machine rental options are perfect for any sized business, with a range of quality coffee machines for rent – for the best coffee, every time. Leasing a coffee machine can be a cost-effective way to provide quality coffee to your workplace without a large upfront investment.

However, it’s essential to read and understand the lease agreement, including terms, payment obligations, and any potential fees. Additionally, consider the total cost of leasing versus purchasing the machine outright to determine what makes the most financial sense for your office.

How does leasing a coffee machine work?

Leasing a coffee machine works similarly to leasing other equipment or appliances. It involves renting a coffee machine from a leasing company for a specified period, usually with monthly or quarterly payments. Here’s a general overview of how leasing a coffee machine works:

Start by selecting the coffee machine that best suits your needs and preferences. You may choose a specific brand, model, and type of coffee machine, such as a fully automatic machine or espresso machine. Not all coffee machines have to be plumbed in, whether they are espresso machines or fully automatic coffee machines. Ensure that you ask Pelican Rouge for options best suited to your needs.

  • Lease Duration: Decide how long you want to lease the coffee machine, which can typically range from 1 to 5 years or more.
  • Payments: Determine the weekly/monthly lease payments which will depend on the equipment outlined in the lease agreement.
  • Maintenance and Service: Clarify whether maintenance and servicing of the machine are included in the lease, or if you need to pay extra for these services.
  • Buyout Options: In some cases, leasing agreements may offer the option to purchase the machine at the end of the lease period.

Pelican Rouge conducts a credit check to assess your financial stability and your ability to make lease payments. Once approved, you’ll need to sign the lease agreement.

During the lease term, you’ll be required to make regular weekly/monthly payments to Pelican Rouge. These payments cover the cost of leasing the coffee machine.

You’ll be responsible for the proper use and maintenance of the coffee machine. Follow Pelican Rouge’s guidelines for cleaning, descaling, and any required upkeep.

  • Return the Machine: You can return the coffee machine to Pelican Roue and explore options for a new lease or equipment.
  • Renew the Lease: Some leasing agreements offer the option to extend the lease for an additional term.
  • Purchase the Machine: Depending on the lease agreement, you may have the opportunity to buy the coffee machine at a predetermined price. This is often referred to as a lease-to-own arrangement.

If you decide to return the machine, it should be in good condition, with normal wear and tear expected. Excessive damage may result in additional fees.

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Commercial Coffee Machine Rental

Pelican Rouge commercial coffee machine rental options are perfect for any sized business, with a range of quality coffee machines for rent – for the best coffee, every time. Renting a commercial coffee machine can be a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses that need high-quality coffee equipment without the commitment of purchasing.

Here’s how you can go about finding and renting a commercial coffee machine from Pelican Rouge.

1. Identify Your Needs: Determine what type of commercial coffee machine you need. There are various options available, including espresso machines, super automatic machines, and specialty coffee equipment. Consider factors like the volume of coffee you need to produce, the quality and types of coffee beverages you want to offer, and your budget.

2. Consider Brands and Models: When choosing a coffee machine, consider the brand and model. Some well-known brands for commercial coffee machines include Dr Coffee, Expobar San Remo, Fiorenzato, and Wendougee. Speak with Pelican Roue regarding the specific model’s and features, such as Traditional or Automatic, the number of group heads (for espresso machines), the capacity, and any special functions you require. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to ask Pelican Rouge to assist you in finding the right machine for you.

3. Maintenance and Support: Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your coffee machine running smoothly. Pelican Rouge schedule 4 main services per year, as well as responding to any breakdown services that may be required. Pelican Rouge is determined to provide the best service possible ensuring that the machine is running at its most optimal and that the coffee is reaching its true potential.

4. Terms and Agreement: Carefully review the rental agreement. Pay attention to the terms, including the duration of the rental, the monthly cost, maintenance responsibilities, and any potential fees for early termination or equipment damage.

5. Installation and Training: Pelican Rouge offers installation services and training for your staff on how to use the machine properly. Proper training is essential to maintain the quality of your coffee.

6. Sample the Coffee Machine: Request a demo or sample of the machine before finalizing the rental agreement. This allows you to test the quality of the coffee and the ease of use.

7. Delivery and Setup: Coordinate with the Pelican Rouge for delivery and setup at your business location. Ensure that all necessary connections and infrastructure are in place to accommodate the machine.

8. Payment and Cancellation: Agree on payment terms and understand the cancellation policy in case you decide to terminate the rental agreement early.

Renting a commercial coffee machine from Pelican Rouge is a practical option for businesses that want to offer high-quality coffee to their customers or employees without the upfront cost of purchasing the equipment. Be sure to thoroughly research and negotiate the terms of the rental to ensure it aligns with your business needs and budget.

Coffee Machine Hire for Events

Engaging Pelican Rouge when you’re after coffee machine hire for events is a smart move. Whether you’re organizing a conference, wedding, trade show, renting a coffee machine is a great way that you can provide high-quality coffee to your guests, without the headache of purchasing the coffee equipment.

Renting a machine for your event is a convenient way to provide a popular beverage to your attendees without the need for significant upfront investments in equipment. Careful planning and clear communication with Pelican Rouge will help ensure a smooth and successful coffee service at your event.

coffee machine hire at events

Rent a Coffee Machine with Pelican Rouge

Pelican Rouge is a coffee service company that provides coffee solutions to various businesses, including offering coffee machine rentals. Here’s a general guide on how you can inquire about renting a coffee machine with Pelican Rouge:

  1. Contact Pelican Rouge: Contact us via email at, or call us on 03 8761 6697.
  2. Request Information: When you contact Pelican Rouge, express your interest in renting a coffee machine for your workplace. Provide details about your requirements, such as the type of coffee machine you’re looking for, the size of your office, and the number of employees.
  3. Discuss Your Needs: A representative from Pelican Rouge will likely get in touch with you to discuss your coffee needs in more detail. They will help you select the appropriate coffee machine for your office based on your preferences and the volume of coffee you expect to serve.
  4. Review the Terms: Ask for detailed information about the terms of the coffee machine rental. This should include the duration of the lease, monthly rental fees, any maintenance or service agreements, and any options for purchasing the machine at the end of the lease.
  5. Consider the Coffee Offerings: In addition to the coffee machine, Pelican Rouge may offer coffee beans or capsules suitable for their machines. Discuss the coffee options available and select the ones that match your preferences and budget.
  6. Sign a Lease Agreement: If you’re satisfied with the terms and the chosen coffee machine, you’ll typically need to sign a lease agreement with Pelican Rouge. Ensure you read and understand the terms before signing.
  7. Receive and Set Up the Machine: Once the lease agreement is signed and payments are arranged, Pelican Rouge will deliver and set up the coffee machine in your office.
  8. Maintenance and Support: Pelican Rouge will provide regular maintenance and servicing for the coffee machine. This ensures that the machine operates smoothly and consistently.
  9. Enjoy Your Coffee: With your Pelican Rouge coffee machine in place, you can now provide high-quality coffee to your employees or customers.

Please note that the specific process for renting a coffee machine with Pelican Rouge may vary based on your location and the services they offer. It’s essential to communicate your needs and preferences clearly during the initial discussions and carefully review the lease agreement before proceeding. Additionally, make sure to inquire about any updated services or offerings that may have been introduced since my last knowledge update.