Chignolo d’Isola, 8 October 2015 – Carimali will take part in the 39th edition of Host 2015 after two years of hard, yet stimulating work to design and develop cutting edge coffee machines, that will be shown in a bigger, completely renovated booth.

ZEN and DIVA are the two state-of-the art models that Carimali will show for the first time at the International tradeshow of the Hospitality Industry in Milan.

ZEN is the much waited for bean-to-cup machine, designed to perfectly cater for the OCS (Office Coffee Service) as well as the Horeca segments, for an average daily target of 75 cups.

zen1The great flexibility and the many available configurations are just some of the major strengths of ZEN: you can even fit two brewers despite its compact size.

Every detail has been considered: the machine height is lower than 600 mm, so it can be fitted in any standard kitchen cupboard with no need to move it, since the hoppers can be refilled by removing them from the front.

ZEN can be connected to the water supply in 3 different configurations: direct water connection, brid solution: simply by turning a tap, you can shift from water tank to direct main connection.

At Host we will show you all the solutions, performances and features of ZEN including the special attention to energy saving and ease of use, cleaning and maintenance.

All the components of the machine are indeed subject to periodic cleaning cycles (coffee group included) and simply removable without any tool.

diva1Among semi-automatic coffee machines, eyes locked on DIVA, the new exclusive top range model, designed and developed in collaboration with the know-how of qualified Barista.

Diva is the perfect mix of design and state-of-the-art technology, to achieve desired top quality performances and excellent drink results.

Diva is defined by programmable front and rear RGB led lights: they create evocative contrasts, emphasizing the refined, eye-catching design bringing out the high-class finishing in aluminium and stainless steel.

Colours and intensity of lights are adjustable directly according to the atmosphere of each location.

The main functions of the machine can be programmed and customized directly by the TFT 2,8″ touch screen display: programming of coffee/hot doses, brewing and group temperature, cleaning cycles and setting of the cup warmer electrical heating are just some examples of personalisation.

Diva is truly the semi-automatic machine of the future, thanks to the combination of stylsih design and technological innovation.

touch-screenUpdated look and technology also for our current range of bean-to-cup machines: a new touch screen display is available for the Armonia Touch Plus and Optima Platinum Plus, completely compatible with Android system.

The main concept of this year’s exhibition area will be “We Make Coffee the Way You Like It”, the payoff through which Carimali promotes the spread of coffee tradition by respecting local taste by offering innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines.