Less is more

With the new TopBrewer Pro and the TopBrewer CompactOffice, we have taken the ordinary coffee machine and made it extraordinary, it’s simply revolutionary. Why have a big bulky machine when a single tap can do so much more? The TopBrewer has been designed to create coffee of exemplary level to satisfy the most discerning of Baristas. Having an elegant tap emerging from the table top increases counter space and creates a much more interactive coffee experience.

The TopBrewer series is an innovative world first that has created an entirely new category within coffee brewers.

It turns the common conception of coffee brewing and dispensing completely upside down and its simple sculptural design is breathtaking.

Exquisite & Magical

The beautiful, patented stainless steel tap is designed to be built in any tabletop and the compact design of the machine saves space still allowing for easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The simplicity of the TopBrewer fits elegantly into all surroundings, with no compromise on drink quality. TopBrewer puts an end to the need for bulky tabletops and allows for any existing location, to get a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine.

iPhone & iPad connectivity

With a simple touch of your iPhone or iPad the TopBrewer brews your favourite coffee drink using the freshly ground coffee beans. Control multiple machines with one single iPad and with the favorites page, you have access to all the machines in one view for blazing fast selection of the desired drinks. The finger touch keyboard which is built in the tabletop can also do the job if a smartphone is not available.

Water- cold & hot

The TopBrewer series provides hot water for tea at the correct temperature, allowing for correctly extracting the right flavors out of your tea & cafetiere coffee.

At the same time icy cold water is only a touch of a button away – with or without gas.


The Scanomatic cleaning system flushes all hoses with clean water after each cup. This ensures that no milk, coffee, juice and chocolate is left in the tube and reduces maintenance and cleaning on the machine drastically.


The Scanomat TopBrewer Pro and CompactOffice provides speedy serving of coffee drinks such as:

  • Espresso,Macchiato, Cappuccino, Café Latte,
  • Americano, and traditional black coffee made from freshly ground whole beans.The TopBrewer simply elivers an exquisitely brewed coffee menu, with the right parameters for every extraction.

Milk & steam
Our TopBrewer series offers both hot and cold milk, pushing a single button. Our Flash-Steamer provides the correct pressure, froths the milk to a beautiful hot, foamy texture with air correctly dosed to give you the foam you need on any drink.

Steaming hot, rich chocolate is delivered into your cup in just seconds, expanding the hot drink menu even further. Add fresh, foamy hot milk for an even more delicate experience.

With the addition of our chilled water options, fresh icy cold juice selections are on the menu too. Apple, Orange, Multifruit and more – take your pick and experience a delightful refreshing beverage in either cup or carafe serving and strength are easily adjusted to everyone’s liking at a push of a button.

Enjoy all theese features

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